Industriefilm „Rolle-zu-Rolle“ Testanlage
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Industriefilm „Rolle-zu-Rolle“ Testanlage

Für Lott-Lacke aus dem ostwestfälischen Herford haben wir einen Industriefilm über eine neue einzigartige Anlage erstellt.

„The new roll-to-roll coating plant from Lott-Lacke in Herford is considered a unique selling point in the European lacquer manufacturing industry. It enables the coating of any type of foil in a roll-to-roll process with radiation-curing lacquers. The speed of the system is outstanding at up to 200 m per minute. With the new system, Lott-Lacke can now reproduce in-house the customer’s processes 1:1 to perfectly and quickly adapt lacquer formulations as needed. This leads to enormous quality assurance with simultaneous time and cost savings for the customer. The service is also being expanded: since the area of ​​research and development has always been Lott-Lacke’s strength, the new machine is now also used for innovative tests. In this way, customers can work together with the Lott-Lacke developers to optimize their products and test new features, and achieve a competitive advantage with these further developed products.“

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31. März 2023


Film & Foto


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